Welcome to NewSound Hearing Aid Centers!

At NewSound, we are passionate about improving our neighbors’ lives through better hearing. We offer a hearing care experience that is second to none, and our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your best possible hearing.

If you think you or a loved one may have a hearing loss, you are not alone. An estimated one of every 10 Americans has problems hearing, and if you are over age 60 the ratio is nearly one in three. To learn more about hearing loss, click here.

Hearing aids fill the gap created by a hearing loss by receiving and amplifying sound. Today’s digital hearing aids can be programmed to amplify only the sounds you’re missing, making conversations clear again. Hearing aids vary widely in style, size and features.

NewSound’s Hearing Care Services

  • comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • ear canal examinations
  • hearing aid sales
  • hearing aid repairs
  • hearing aid fittings and programming
  • hearing aid performance verification
  • hearing aid cleanings
  • hearing protection and custom earmolds
  • cerumen (ear wax) management
  • hearing aid battery sales

Your Hearing Journey - Getting Started