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Welcome to Audibel of Beaumont and Silsbee. We are passionate about helping our neighbors get reconnected with their world. Whether it is the laughter of your grandchildren or understanding conversation in your favorite restaurant, you need to be able to hear to respond appropriately. Your hearing health directly affects your quality of life! Using the most advanced diagnostics, our clinicians will conduct a complete auditory assessment to ensure you are hearing what you should.

We’ll guarantee in writing how well you can hear after treatment.

Hearing loss takes on many forms, and our clinicians will explain the results of your tests. If your clinician determines hearing aids are the best option for you, a thorough treatment plan will be discussed.

Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears,” can be the result of permanent nerve damage in the cochlea or in the nerve bundle that carries electrical impulses to the brain. Please let the clinician know if tinnitus is a problem for you; additional testing can be performed to identify the loudness and frequency of your head noise for use in a treatment plan to reduce or eliminate this sensation.

Should you need hearing aids, your clinician will take custom ear impressions for use in fitting custom-made receivers for ultimate comfort. Then, using Real Ear measurement, your prescription will be programmed into each instrument for your left and right ear. Post testing will be conducted to validate the degree of improvement you have received.

Your ear canals sweat the about as much as your forehead and produce a substance called cerumen (ear wax). This is very corrosive and damaging to hearing aid electronics. For this reason, hearing aids should be serviced frequently. Our practice is equipped with a full-service lab to keep our patients’ hearing aids running perfectly. We service all brands of hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased.

To schedule an appointment, we invite you to call 1-800-991-HEAR or find the office closest to you on the right side of this page.

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