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We are Audibel Hearing Care Centers, a family hearing practice serving northeast Pennsylvania. We would love to meet you and show you how we are different; we believe better hearing begins with experienced clinicians and patient care coordinators.

Your hearing correction is our priority. We understand how difficult life without clear hearing can be. A hearing loss can prevent you from experiencing life to the fullest. Our promise is to reconnect you to your world through comprehensive diagnosis and selection and adaptation of prescriptive hearing technology.

In your initial exam, your hearing clinician will discuss the settings and situations affected by your communication problem. Are you experiencing a ringing in your ears? Do you have trouble hearing in certain social settings? Do others complain about having to repeat in order to communicate with you? These are just some of the symptoms we are able to help you with. No problem is too embarrassing for our staff.

Occasionally, hearing loss can be alleviated without hearing aids. Using microscopy, a magnification scope, the clinician will determine if a build-up of wax impinging upon your eardrum is the cause, or if the problem resides in your middle or inner ear. Regardless if your hearing loss is found to be conductive or sensorineural, we have discreet prescriptive instruments to restore hearing.

On your visit, we can dial your hearing back into focus, on the spot. We offer the better hearing guarantee: Hear your best today, or Audibel will pay you $100 for your time.

Ongoing care is the secret to longevity with your new hearing instruments. That’s why we provide a Patient Annual Service Schedule to ensure your hearing aids are performing at the required levels. You will receive hearing reevaluations, instrument cleanings, wax removal, hearing aid repairs, and loaners should your hearing aids need to spend the night. Our onsite lab stocks parts for many brands, and our hearing aid technician is the best!

Call 1-800-991-HEAR today to schedule an appointment, or enter your zip code in the box to the right to find our location nearest you.

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