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Do you hear but not always understand? Do you sometimes ask others to repeat? Do you find it difficult to understand others in social settings, especially if there is noise?

You may be experiencing a common problem shared by 48 million Americans: acquired hearing loss. The fact is, the more years we live, we more likely we all are to lose hearing acuity.

The good news is there is a solution.

Beach Hearing Aid Centers serves Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.

Our hearing clinicians will conduct a thorough examination of your outer, middle, and inner ear. We will check for damage, infection, and impacted wax, all of which may cause a hearing loss. Both conductive and sensorineural systems will be checked. Even something as simple as wax build-up (cerumen) can touch the ear drum, causing a phantom hearing loss. In this case, we can remove the wax, instantly bringing your hearing to normal.

If the results of your hearing evaluation indicate a hearing problem within your middle or inner ear, a treatment plan to including hearing aids will be presented and can be demonstrated on the spot. Beach offers the better hearing guarantee where we pay you $100 for your time if we are not able to correct your hearing.

During your first year with hearing aids we will perform routine service, adjustments to you instruments, and aural rehabilitation services. Our batteries are the lowest-price in the market at just 24 cents per cell.

We are passionate about better hearing and would like to meet you. Call 1-800-991-HEAR or click on our location nearest you.

Store Locations

755 Thimble Shoals Blvd.
Suite A
Newport News, VA 23606
337 Edwin Dr.
Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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