Billions and billions of cotton swabs or “Q-Tips” are sold each year and have many uses. One of the first purposes many people think about is removing that pesky earwax found in the canal of our ears. You know what I am talking about right? That itchy feeling you get in your ears due to … Continued

Changing Lives for Better Hearing Month

The gift of hearing is one blessing that many of us take for granted. I, along with NewSound Hearing Aid Centers, recently had the opportunity to assist three children with hearing impairments to be diagnosed, counseled, and fit with new prescription hearing aids. This was done as an outreach of Better Hearing Month in the … Continued

Headphones, Ear Buds & Hearing Loss

Confessions of a Hearing Clinician’s Love of Personal Music Listening Devices I am 42 and a hearing clinician.  I love my music.  I am pretty normal.  In 1986, I received for Christmas a personal music player called a Sony Walkman with over-the-ear headphones.  I can remember the first time I listened to true stereophonic music, … Continued

Hearing Loss at the Shooting Range

Many people enjoy shooting and hunting, but don’t realize hearing loss is a potential side effect. Whether participating in the sport of hunting, competition shooting or simply visiting the shooting range, there is potential for hearing loss. The average gun shot produces 140-170 decibels, which means potential permanent damage to your hearing. Some weapons can … Continued

Are Hearing Aids Tax Deductible?

Are hearing aids tax deductible? If so, how does that affect the consumer? What other supplemental hearing devices may also be tax deductible? These are some of the questions frequently asked by patients. Let us take a look at some interesting findings on this important matter. Q: Are hearing aids tax deductible? A: You might … Continued

Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is one of the largest and oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Based out of Piscataway, NJ, a staff of over 700 employees oversees manufacturing, product development and customer care for the Siemens brand. Siemens has been helping people overcome hearing loss for more than 130 years and has been a leader in … Continued

Solving the TV Issue with TV Ears

“Honey, please turn the TV down! It’s too loud!” Unfortunately, this statement can be heard in homes all over the country and can result in disagreements, embarrassment and family members watching their favorite TV shows in separate rooms. Some people suffer from a mild hearing loss but do not want to purchase hearing aids just … Continued