Earwax and Hearing Loss

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is earwax, or cerumen, blocking sound from reaching the eardrum. This occurs when the wax is pushed back toward the eardrum or if the ears produce more wax than is needed. Earwax is also the most common cause of hearing aid malfunctions. A tiny amount of … Continued

Why Wait to Seek Hearing Loss Help?

Because hearing loss is gradual, it often goes unnoticed or, more importantly, undiagnosed. The average person waits 10 to 14 years before seeking hearing loss help. It is a bloodless, painless condition and “everyone mumbles.” The difficulties in communicating are usually seen as the fault of everyone but the person with the hearing loss. Then … Continued

Donating Hearing Aids

If you are upgrading to a new set of hearing aids for yourself or cleaning out your grandparents’ home, please don’t throw away those old hearing aids. They could help change someone’s life in ways you just couldn’t imagine. When you donate hearing aids to one of our NewSound Hearing Aid Centers, they are sent … Continued