Dallas Hearing Mission – May 2011

May 2011, Dallas, Texas

The heart of Starkey Hearing Foundation is “So the World May Hear.” This includes our own backyard.

Members of NewSound Hearing Aid Centers teamed up with Starkey to give the gift of hearing at the Dallas hearing mission. Children from all over the state received state-of-the-art, prescription-tuned hearing aids at no personal cost. Clinicians fit these hearings aids and educated the patients on proper care and maintenance of their hearing instruments. Many of the parents wept as their children could now reconnect to their world through sound.


Give the Gift of Hearing

Become a HEARING ANGEL. Make a contribution of $120 or more to the Hearing Health International Institute, and NewSound will match your gift. This combined donation of $240 provides a pair of hearing aids and a year’s supply of batteries to a child in need. To make a donation, please contact NewSound’s corporate office at 512-858-0300 to make a personal contribution to hearing aid missions.