Peru Hearing Mission

October 2015, Huancayo and Pucallpa, Peru

Six NewSound team members embarked on the journey of a lifetime, spreading the gift of hearing on the Peru hearing mission, organized by Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Huancayo, located in the mountains, was the first stop on the trip. The team braved pouring rains and strong winds to help those in need. Eventually, the storm and hail grew too strong, forcing us to close down early for the day.

The Pucallpa mission was centered on the local navy base. Many of the Peruvian Navy received care, as well as the local citizens. Even the children’s character “Popeye” was on hand to engage with the kids!

Volunteers at the Peru hearing mission saw more than 500 patients each day, and approximately 1,000 hearing aids were personally fitted and dispensed. Patients travelled many miles, some by foot, to receive the care they needed.

Read blog posts below for more details.

Day One Wrap-Up in Huancayo, Peru
Day Two Wrap-Up in Huancayo, Peru
Day Three Wrap-Up in Huancayo, Peru
Day One Wrap-Up in Pucallpa, Peru
Day Two Wrap-Up in Pucallpa, Peru
Day Three Wrap-Up in Pucallpa, Peru

Peru Trip Press Release


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