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Tinnitus /tinī´tǝs/ is the tinkling, ringing or hissing heard in one or both ears when no external sound is present. It is estimated that 50 million American adults are bothered by chronic head noise. Some people who suffer from tinnitus can pinpoint the exact moment the ringing in their ears began—perhaps following exposure to very loud noise—while others develop tinnitus gradually over time.

Tinnitus Facts

  • Tinnitus is an abnormal ear noise
  • It can originate in the outer ear, the inner ear, the middle ear, or the brain
  • The most common causes are exposure to noise and side effects from medication
  • Tinnitus can be treated with medication and other methods
  • An audiogram is key for diagnosing and treating tinnitus

Tinnitus Symptoms

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Swishing sounds
  • Other types of noise that seem to originate in the ear or head

Causes of Tinnitus

  • Ear wax
  • Foreign body (object) in the ear
  • Fluid
  • Infection
  • Damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve in the inner ear
  • Exposure to loud noises

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Most patients experience tinnitus relief

according to Dr. Sergei Kochkin at Better Hearing Institute and Dr. Richard Tyler at University of Iowa

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