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NewSound Hearing Centers

1320 E. Garrison St.
Suite C
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Phone: (830) 225-1671
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Website: www.newsoundeaglepass.com

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Wednesday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Part time office. Please call for an appointment.

Eagle Pass residents have access to top quality care for hearing loss at NewSound Hearing Aid Centers. Since 2008, this facility has delivered the best in caring, expert service to those suffering from any type of hearing problem, including tinnitus. Rolando Cepeda, the staff provider, brings extensive skill to this office, offering a comprehensive hearing test and a range of treatments such as wax removal, hearing protection and ear canal exams. Our office is also experienced with Real Ear verification.

Any hearing loss can cause awkward embarrassment and a decline in the quality of your life. If you need a routine hearing test or are dealing with some other form of hearing loss, let NewSound take care of you. When it comes to the health of your ears, we do it all. Hearing aid fittings and ongoing maintenance are a top priority with us. Plus, we have hearing aid batteries in stock at all times. Our goal is maintaining your comfort and satisfaction while giving you the huge relief and happiness that comes from being able to hear better every day. Come see us any Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. We accept most insurance, so be sure to bring your insurance card to your appointment. Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted and we also can arrange payment plans.

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