Tinnitus treatment with the A4 tinnitus device gives all day relief from ringing in the ears

A4 Tinnitus Treatment Solution

There’s a new way to deal with ringing ears. The Audibel A4 uses Multiflex Tinnitus Technology and delivers all day relief from Tinnitus. The A4 is small and virtually unnoticeable and can provide customized sound stimulus that soothes the unique, irritating sounds you hear. The result is a personalized therapy that uses sound to:

  • Mask or cover up your Tinnitus
  • Reduce the loudness of your Tinnitus
  • Take your focus off your Tinnitus

Benefits of The Audibel A4

  • Quick and easy control
  • Designed to deliver relief for ringing ears
  • Customized relief for your unique Tinnitus
  • Compatible with multiple Tinnitus therapy protocols

A2blurbAre you ready for a solution to your Tinnitus?

The A4 with the Multiflex Tinnitus Masking feature can provide relief from Tinnitus sounds like hissing, ringing, ooh-ing, buzzing, crickets, ringing, whooshing, and more! If you’re ready to experience relief from Tinnitus, the A4 can help you out.

This is ideal for people who experience tinnitus – and this solution might be perfect for you!

Do you experience difficulty understanding?

Many cases of Tinnitus also involve hearing loss. If you’re uncertain whether or not you have a loss, our experienced professionals can help you determine if you do or not. The A4 amplifies the sounds you want to hear while reducing your tinnitus. Relief can now be achieved for most people!