The A4i is the Hearing Aid for the iPhone. Simplify your life.

A4i, The Hearing Aid for the iPhone

Stay connected to the things you love with A4i the hearing aid for the iPhone that syncs to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch through Audibel’s user-friendly TruLink Hearing Control app. TruLink enables you to use your iPhone to:

Stream Incredible Audio
You can now stream your phone calls, music and media from your iPhone directly to your A4i hearing aids, making communication and audio streaming easier than ever before.

Adjust to Your Environment with SoundSpace
Using the SoundSpace tool on the TruLink app, you can easily adjust the frequency and tone settings of your A4i hearing aids to your preference for different listening environments then save it as a TruLink Memory.

Automatically Change Your Memories Based on Location
You can also geotag your TruLink Memories. Using the GPS feature on your iPhone, the A4i hearing aid for the iPhone will automatically adjust to the saved TruLink Memory when you are at the tagged location.

Reduce Driving Sounds and Enhance Audio
A4i, the hearing aid for the iphone, will automatically adjust with TruLink’s Adaptive Car Mode to reduce the road noises when you are in the car and allow for a more comfortable listening environment.

Auto Experience Manager
Your hearing aids will automatically adjust the sound level over time so your brain can easily reacquaint to new sounds. This will allow for quicker transition to using hearing aids.

Have your most personalized hearing experience ever.

  • Calls are easily streamed directly from your iPhone to your A4is using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • Pristine sound and amazing listening clarity are the A4i standard
  • Have your most comfortable listening experience yet with advanced noise control technology
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Stream FaceTime, music and more directly to your hearing aids
  • Personalize your settings from your Apple Watch



The iPhone becomes your hearing aid remote controlFunction as a Remote Control
You can adjust the volume and switch memories on your A4i hearing aids by simply using an indicator bar on your iPhone.Function as a Microphone
You can record audio using the Live Microphone tool, then email it or listen to it later in a more convenient setting.Integrate with Siri
Siri can now read your texts and emails directly to your hearing aids.
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