Invisible hearing aids by Invisibel

Invisible Hearing Aids by Invisibel

profile view of invisible hearing aid insertionYou’ve been waiting and it’s finally here! The Invisibel Synergy is an invisible hearing aid featuring the most advanced hearing technology. It’s a non-surgical, invisible, and removable hearing solution.

The revolutionary new fitting procedure behind the Invisibel Synergy is exclusive to NewSound Hearing Aid Centers and its affiliates. With this procedure, the Invisibel Synergy fits a broader range of patients than any previous invisible or implantable hearing device.

The Invisibel Synergy fitting procedure provides a precise replica of your ear canal, all the way to the ear drum, resulting in an exact model of your ear canal. The extra-deep fit results in a comfortable fit and more natural quality than traditional hearing aids.

The Invisibel Synergy features the same advanced technology as our Anthem XT hearing aids. This includes Active Frequency Control, which doesn’t make voices louder — it translates hard-to-hear speech sounds into something you can understand.

If you think the Invisible Synergy hearing aids could be right for you, call a NewSound office near you for a free hearing evaluation!

The Benefits of Invisibel Synergy

  • Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling
  • Reduces noise for comfortable listening
  • Reduces noise while enhancing speech
  • Custom fit