Maintaining your hearing aid through daily cleaning and regular service is extremely important. Proper care helps retain optimum hearing conditions, extends the life of your hearing aid and ensures proper hygiene.

How to care for your hearing instrument

Your hearing instruments have to withstand moisture and heat, earwax, skin flakes, oil and hair care products. Here are some practical tips that will help keep them functioning properly:

Hearing Aid Care
NewSound consults patients on Hearing Aid Care

Ear wax

Every hearing aid has a wax filter that will prevent ear wax from plugging up the component of the hearing aid that delivers the sound to your ear. Keep this filter as clean as possible and change it whenever you can no longer clean it.

Every NewSound hearing aid comes with a brush and cloth. Use the brush to clean the wax filter. And use the cloth to clean the remaining surfaces of the hearing aid.


As you wear your hearing aids during the day, moisture may build up inside of the hearing aid. To prolong the life of the hearing aid, NewSound recommends you leave the battery door open at night while not wearing the hearing aid to allow the internal components to dry.

Have Questions? Need Help?

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