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RIC (receiver-in-canal) CIC (completely-in-canal) BTE (behind-the-ear) General Use

RIC (Receiver-in-the-canal) Hearing Aids

RIC – Care / Maintenance
RIC – Battery Replacement
RIC – Inserting Device
RIC – On / Off
RIC – DAI insertion and removal

CIC (Completely-in-the-canal) Hearing Aids

CIC – Finding your serial number
CIC – Turning your hearing aid off and on
CIC – Features control
CIC – Hearing aid care and maintenance
CIC – Inserting hearing aid
CIC – Battery replacement

BTE (Behind-the-ear) Hearing Aids

BTE – Using sweep volume control
BTE – Volume control
BTE – touch memory function
BTE – battery door lock

General Use Videos

T2 Function
Using Hear Clear with custom products