The Hearing Aid Store

The Hearing Aid Store is a family practice serving our neighbors in the Richmond, Virginia area. We welcome you with open arms…and open ears!

Your sense of hearing is important because it keeps you in the intellectual company of your business, community service, and social relationships. The Hearing Aid Store is both a hearing diagnostic center and a hearing aid retail super center.

We provide a comprehensive hearing examination, where we inspect your outer, middle, an inner ear. Any indications of hearing loss will be discussed with you and options can be demonstrated. There are three types of hearing loss. 1) Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by the damage of microscopic hair cells in your cochlea. 2) Conductive loss is caused by the inability of sound to transfer between the tympanic membrane (ear drum) and the oval window in the cochlea. 3) Mixed loss is present when a patient presents both conductive and sensorineural loss. All losses may cause a similar symptom: a patient can hear but not understand words.

The Hearing Aid Store offers the better hearing guarantee: you’ll hear your best today or we will pay you $100 for your time. You will see, in writing, how your hearing is performing compared to what your optimal levels should be.

If the results of your hearing evaluation indicate a hearing loss is present, our clinician will discuss your options. Your condition may or may not require hearing instruments. Regardless of your hearing issues, we will ensure you understand all options and will guide you through the treatment process.
Routine visits to our hearing clinic are important for maintaining optimal hearing. Hearing instruments are worn in the canal, which is humid and maintains a constant temperature of 98 degrees. These conditions are harmful to delicate electronics and our hearing aid technicians will keep your hearing aids clean, tuned-up, and worry-free.

If ringing in your ears is a problem, we can help. Did you know, providing a small level of amplification can relegate your head noise to the background, in most cases, where it will no longer irritate you. We provide a “tone-matching” evaluation, allowing our clinicians to mask your tinnitus, and demonstrate relive, on the spot.

To schedule an appointment, simply call 1-800-991-HEAR or click on the office closest to you. We’ll treat you like one of the family.

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