Willoughby Hearing

Willoughby Hearing Aid Center is one of the oldest, continually operated hearing aid practices in the United States. It was started in 1949 by Paul Willoughby when he opened a hearing aid dispensing practice in Eugene, OR. His hard work, long hours and devotion to caring for his patients built his reputation quickly. Soon Willoughby purchased the former Oregon Hearing Aid Center in Portland and continued to grow the staff to several hearing clinicians who traveled the state providing hearing diagnostics and hearing aids in every small town in the area.

Paul Willoughby passed away in 2001, leaving the practice to his son Paul Willoughby Jr., who grew the practice into North Bend, Gresham, Oregon City, King City, Salem and Vancouver. Now with many locations, hearing correction is both uniform and convenient. And…Willoughby clinicians still make house calls to home-bound patients.

To schedule an appointment, simply call 1-800-991-HEAR or click on the office closest to you.

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